Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Day in the Life

I'm about six months along in my pregnancy now. About a month ago, I actually started feeling pretty good.

In the first few months, I had brutal morning sickness that lasted all day and I lost all will to do anything but play sudoku--I am a MAD sudoku girl, love the stuff, can't get enough. Anyway, I'm now officially two months behind in all things writing. And being perpetually behind can be a little stressful, but since I'm not supposed to get stressed, I'm having to learn to overcome my natural instincts and let all that lovely stress and anxiety go.

Now that I'm feeling pretty decent most of the time, though, I am slowly but surely making my way through my writing to-do list. My preparation for baby list--not so much yet. Though I did manage to get to Motherhood on Saturday so I now have a few more bits of clothing that I can wear. Comfy clothes are really nice right now.

The feeling decent part means I'm able to work. And since a full day of working doesn't completely floor me anymore (it did in January--got all morning sick again after pushing myself too hard), I spent my day off yesterday madly editing. I was working on a novella of mine (that's way past due!) and wanted to get as much of it edited in one day as I could. You get the feel for a story if you can go through it in a short period of time--I notice logic errors, inconsistencies, and big gaping holes a lot better that way.

I didn't expect to get the full thing done, but low and behold I did! It was very exciting. Granted, I was finished at around midnight, but I took breaks, so it wasn't a constant 14 hours of work. AND in the midst of all that, I managed to make Italian-type lasagna for the first time ever (I usually make Mexican lasagna), do the grocery shopping and check my emails. I didn't respond to any emails, but I checked them. I walked the dog twice. And I did manage to have a bit of a conversation with my husband when he got home from work.

All-in-all a pretty successful day for me. And you know, I slept better last night (and sleeping comfortably at night is officially more difficult now) than I have in weeks. I was still tired when I woke up (way too early!) for my day job, but I managed a decent night sleep without too many worries.

So either I'm learning to put aside the long horded stress and anxiety I normally take to bed with me, or working madly all day long to get a project done is good for me.

And you're wondering...how does she have the patience to be a writer? Especially when novels can take months to write. Got me. But at least I'm never bored :)

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