Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ending the Summer

After a lot of work, searching and interviewing, we got Destructo into a preschool where he can get the speech therapy he needs. The class size is small so he'll get lots of personalized attention. And I'm really hoping that by the end of the year, he'll be chatting away like other kids his age. I just know there are some cool stories in that little head of his. I can't wait to hear them!

The little guy (who's actually the height of a six year old--literally; he's in the 100th percentile for height for his age) starts school in September. He'll be riding a bus and everything. And I'm trying not to freak out about that. I'll probably spend the first week sitting outside the apartment building waiting like Forest Gump for D to get home. I know he'll be fine. But still... This is my first baby going off to school.

I finally get what all those other parents where talking about. I have to say, during the first year of D's little life, when he was a pretty tough baby and I was an inexperienced mommy, I couldn't wait for school to start so I'd get some alone time! Now, he's fun. I like having him around. He needs less from me moment to moment. And sending him to school is gonna make me cry.

On the plus side, once I get used to it (eventually), I'll have entire mornings to get work done. I hardly know what to do with myself at the prospect of having a full 4-5 hours a day to write. I'm pretty excited about that actually. Especially because I have some ambitious plans for the autumn and early winter in terms of writing. I'd very much like to draft two novellas and at least get a rough draft of a novel done by January. I also have two releases in October--re-releases of some of my earlier stuff. So there's all the excitement around that. Oh and my webmistress and I are talking about redoing my website come December.

So there's a lot to do by January. And I'd very much like to get most of this done by January, because by mid-month, I'll have another baby to take care of. Baby number two--already nicknamed Dancing Baby because of all the movement at each doctors appointment--will occupy most of the beginning of 2013, as babies do. So I'd like to have a few things sorted career-wise before taking the hiatus.

Unfortunately, though, all my ambitious writing plans are conflicting with my "nesting" instincts to do things around the house that actually don't need doing--like painting the entire apartment. And the natural tiredness that sneaks in when you're pregnant is makeing me just want to read and nap. Actually, reading and napping sounds really good right now...

Okay, I can do that later. For the moment, wish me luck with all the writing and getting at least some "nesting" sorted before January. D will be sharing his room, so there's a lot of rearranging that needs to be done. That is necessary. Painting, no!

For the first time since I was the one going back to school, I'm looking at September as the start of something. It's an exciting and nerve wracking time. Wish this inexperienced school mom luck! I'm gonna need it.

Also, enjoy some napping and reading yourselves. (I don't want to be the only one!)
Happy reading!


Anonymous said...

I'll never forget meeting Little Destructo at RT in Columbus, OH. :-) I can still remember his running around in the hall and having a good time. Even my mom still remembers and thinks the world of you. Now that my little munchkin is two (and big for her age, too), I think it would be awesome to see Destruco and Little Bit hang out. Better yet, wear each other out. LOL!

Anyway, congrats again on the little dancer and here's to hoping we see each other again soon.


Isabo Kelly said...

Would love to see Little Bit and Destructo play together and wear themselves out! It's so hard to tire D I can use all the help we can get :-) I can't believe Little Bit is 2 already! Seems like just yesterday we were hanging in Columbus!

Thanks for the well wishes on second baby! We most definitely have to organize a visit at some point. *Hugs!*