Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm "it"

I almost forgot I got tagged! (There's that memory thing again.) I blame Leanna for this who blames Kwana so it's all Kwana's fault.

So now I'm supposed to say 6 quirky things about myself. Hmmm.... Okay, that's gonna be hard to do (snort! yay, right!)

1. When I was growing up, I played cowboys and indians on real horses. Actually, we were mostly just camping cowgirls with no indians in sight. But we still had a real horse there. When we weren't trying to ride him, he was great at being a prop. When we tried to ride him, on the other hand, he was an excellent bucking bronco--or maybe that was just with me. (As an aside to this, I got so good at being bucked off horses, I knew how to step off without getting thrown.)

2. Along with being the "Shark Lady" at the natural history museum in Las Vegas, I was also the unofficially "snake nurse" and appeared on local T.V. stations a couple of times as the "snake nurse". Since I was more of a marine person than a reptile person when I got the job, taking on the snake nurse job was a bit of a challenge. Got some great pictures out of it, though.

3. My secret (or maybe not so secret) dream is to be an extra in movies--and not just any extra, but the kind where you get your name in the credits. You know, those roles like "Third Woman in Line" or "Waitress #2" or "Lady Who Screams". Those are my kind of roles! What fun.

4. I consider Die Hard 1 a Christmas movie. But I'm not the only one who does this! My mom considers it a Christmas movie too :)

5. When I was a kid, I entertained the idea of being an Olympic diver. I even taught myself how to do a back dive in our pool. Then I got onto the high dive at a public pool and decided, "I don't want to do all that training after all."

6. I spend so much time talking to my dog, that sometimes I'll direct comments to him even when he's not around. I've always said, having a dog in the room will keep people from thinking you're crazy talking to yourself. The problem comes when you're still talking to the dog and he's not there. :)

Okay, those are a few of my quirky things (I could have gone on). My turn to tag someone and I'm going to tag J.C. Wilder, Carolan Ivey, and Stacey Klemstein. Sorry ladies! Blame Kwana :)


Carolan Ivey said...

You evil, evil woman.

This is in retaliation for the Klingon baby blessing, isn't it? ;)

Isabo Kelly said...

LOL. Depends on what the Klingon baby blessing really says... :)

Kwana said...

I love your quirks!! Thanks for playing. Yep. Blame me.

Stacey said...

#4--Me, too!

Isabo Kelly said...

Kwana--LOL, yup, I'm blaming you :)

Stacey--yeah! It's not just me and my mom.

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

I'm LOL-ing a lot here.

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

PS, y'all are wierd about Die Hard being a Christmas movie. *grin* It's an ALAN RICKMAN movie of course, and I'd take him as a present any time of year. :)

Isabo Kelly said...

Okay, okay, Die Hard is ALSO an Alan Rickman movie. But it's still a Christmas movie! :) Die Hard just serves multiple purposes and works on SO many levels.