Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baby Shower NY style

So my fabulous writer friends threw me a little baby shower earlier in the week. And it was lovely. It was actually similar to the one some other lovely writer friends threw me at RT--we spent a lot of time not talking about babies. LOL.

The setting was very appropriately an Irish pub. I was proposed to in an Irish pub (in Ireland), I spent part of my wedding day in an Irish pub (there are pictures of me in my wedding dress with a pint of Guinness--I love those pictures), and now I've officially had a baby shower in an Irish pub (though this one was in New York City).

To add a little "local NY" flavor to the shower, turns out one friend--Marianne Mancusi--managed to get me a bouquet of flowers made by a celebrity florist! The same florist who did Jessica Alba's baby shower. When I can get the woman's name from Marianne, I'll be sure to post it. The florist was so nice. Marianne just asked her for advice on what would be good flowers to bring to the shower, and she went out of her way to actually put together a bouquet from some flowers she had on hand. It's gorgeous too. I don't have a picture of that either, unfortunately, but someone does, so I'll get that soon too. I mean, only in NY would I randomly end up with a bouquet made by a celebrity florist.

Then to top it off, another friend was late because an Adam Sandler promo thingy going on in the TV studio she and her husband run ran late. Adam Sandler made my friend late for my shower. That's just wild.

Only in NYC--at least for me. LOL. The closest I've ever come to celebrities was when I saw Liberachi in the grocery story in Vegas when I was a kid. For the most part, despite the fact that I tend to live in places where celebrities hang out, they seem to avoid me, or else when I pass them I don't notice who they are, so having this many brushes with celebrity all at once is pretty funny. Even if I didn't meet or even see any of them :)

As for the shower itself, the girls did a great job of getting me and baby really cute pressies, which was super sweet. I had a burger for dinner--a really yummy one. And no one got overly emotional or sentimental about the impending arrival which was even better. It was the perfect baby shower for me.

So thanks: Leanna, Liz, Marianne, Stacey, Elizabeth, and Morgan! You guys are the best.

Now, I have to actually get the apartment ready for baby--that's the tough part!

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