Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Hot! Damn Hot!

It is roasting here in New York City. Okay, today is much much more pleasant than the last four days, but I'm still recovering from all that heat. You'd think a woman who grew up in Vegas would be fine with heat--and I am, when it's dry heat! This humid stuff is for the birds. I spent two of the four heat wave days in front of the airconditioner napping and reading (yay, Vivi Anna's Valorian Chronicles!). Fortunately, being a pregnant woman means I have an excellent excuse to do this. No one even thinks to question my impluse to nap through the heat. But the truth is, I'd have wanted to do that even if I wasn't pregnant!

Funny how many people were worried about me, too, on the days I was out and about. New Yorkers might not always give up their subway seats for me, but I did have a lot of strangers--women in particular--asking me if baby and I were okay in the heat. It's was pretty sweet actually. Fortunately, I haven't had that overly-hot-pregnant-lady thing. I haven't been any hotter than I normally would be. But I still prefer my airconditioned apartment to all that humidity.

Still a lot of stuff to do around the house to prep for baby. But managed to get a lot of random baby gear purchased this weekend and now am feeling a little less frantic. Last week, I was all about needing to get the house ready and worrying over the fact that it's still a "baby death trap"! This week, I've calmed a bit, knowing some of this stuff can get done after baby's born. There's still lots to do, but at least I've calmed down a bit. And with that calm, my desire to write has returned. Yay! I didn't even realize how much I was missing writing until I opened my laptop and started to type. Guess impending motherhood hasn't completely overcome my writing impusle yet. Which is nice.

Now, couple of friend things. Leanna Renee Hieber went to Lori Foster's event this last weekend and managed to score a promotional coup--she found herself interviewed on Barbara Vey's Publisher's Weekly video blog. Check it out--scroll down to get to it. How cute is she and her mom!

And Maya Rodale--one of my NYC RWA fellow chapter members and fabulous historical author--has a little interview of me up on her blog. It's pretty cool actually. She asks authors the same six questions, which means you can compare all your favorite people. Her first six questions went to Julia Quinn and JQ had some great answers. I got the honor of being second, so check it out. The questions are really fun, too, not the usual fair. (See what superpower I want! :))

I have two books out this month, one I know for sure will be out on Friday (SIREN SINGING) so come back to the blog on Friday and I'll have a short excerpt. I wasn't fast enough to get the info to my webmistress before she went on holiday so until we can get a page up on the website, you can enjoy a little reading here in the meantime.

Stay cool! And let me know what you think of Maya's questions and Leanna's video!


Leanna Renee Hieber said...

Thank you for highlighting my coup! *grin* Barbara is the nicest lady ever! And the Lori Foster event rocked my socks off! You gotta go with me next year!

Isabo Kelly said...

You're welcome :) And the event is definitely on my "want to do" list for next year.